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Laila Yaghi

The child and her diary

June 17, 2002


She wrote in her diary every night

When bullets passed by her window… she wrote

When Israeli soldiers killed her mother she wrote

She wrote of the horrors she sees

And the nightmares of flames and destruction

She the Palestinian child

Writes in her diary every night

To ease her enormous pain

To sedate her fears and nightmares


That little Palestinian child

Had died while writing in bed

From Israelis bulldozing her home

And now she lies in her tomb

Forgotten…as if she never existed

But her diary will carry on

The suffering of every Palestinian child

And now on her tomb Israeli children play

And sing with no worries of tomorrow

Where she once lived is confiscated

What are left from her family are refugees


And we continue to support Israel

With 10 million dollars a day!

And we continue to say

All humans are created equal


But continue to send to Israel

10 million dollars a day!

American women VS Palestinian Women        October 17, 2001


Just as the birds flutter their wings…  care free

And the sky begs the sun to come out and wipe its tears

Palestinian women cry for their pain to be known

And the grieve and agony they suffer from the death of their born


Just as we enjoy a sip of coffee in the morning

While we enjoy the beauty of the flowers in the spring

And dance to the rhythm of the music while we sing

Palestinian women suffer every second of the day

And wish to be invisible or numb to all their pain


Just as we enjoy the peacefulness of a full moon

While we sit on our porch rocking our fancy chair

Palestinian women beg the foreign policies to be fair

And stop all the blood shed of the innocent and the young


But does this stop the earth from orbiting around the sun??

Or a Palestinian child getting killed by an Israeli gun??

 Tears of Blood                           Dec 01


Sometimes tears have to drop

But too many tears turn into blood

 Oh Palestine my ancestors’ land

Your earth has turned into red-colored sand

In it you have buried so many boys

Innocent, young still playing with toys

But their little hearts have turned into men

So fast before they had a chance to begin

A life like other men with family and kin


Born into their own country they face persecution

And live their lives full of confusion

 Oh little boy playing with sand

Shot dead from snipers in your own land

Mother’s tears fall like razor sharp

Penetrating down deep with permanent scars


Oh world wake up his mother screams

Another atrocity with holocaust fears

Peace has been written in Rainbow colors

And doves are praying for all the mothers

                               Do not deprive me                     April 12, 01


Do not deprive me from that gentle smile

For I’ve been debating weather to live or die

Heaven shakes when I see that face

And makes me optimistic that there will come a day

Full of laughter, and then my sorrows will dissipate

So do not take away from me that gentle smile


I promise you that I won’t get in your way

But make me choose to live rather than to die

And let me look forward to that special smile

To lift me up when I’m feeling down and depressed

For God in heaven had made my heart compressed

And filled it up with sorrows and distress


I make my plea through the silent night

When my aching soul is about to flee

The sadness and loneliness it is a witness to

To God I pray to fill my life with light

And take away from me the loneliness of the night


Happiness is bound to visit me one day

So ‘till then I plea, in God’s name, to humor me

And not take that gentle smile away from me

Gloomy place I look at… full of darkness

Crows linger by… with no smile… full of madness

 Childless Woman                                            June 21, 01


Passing by the valley of the night

And all the flowers tilt their heads for me

Drooping full of sadness and loneliness

In that valley of that lonely night


Forsaken as the trees forsake their leaves in the fall

And the unfaithful tears when they fall

Like rivers streaming hot through the muggy night

And the embedded echoes of sorrows and woes

My kids have forsaken me and have grown

And left me with empty arms… all alone

I think of the days that they were by my side

With warmth and love we cuddle up side by side

Reading bed time stories and talking of that day


Why can’t we go back and live in the past

And keep our children from growing so fast

Now that you both have grown into men

Are so far away from me but I can’t forget

 All the beautiful days we spent together

No matter how much I try and you try

You are from me and always will be so loved

So don’t forget, no matter how much you’ve grown

I still see you the kid who needs me, my babies…  My own

 River of Tears

Down by the river of tears
she the mother knealed
and grasped the dirt between her hands
Then planted a flag of peace
Her heart wrenched with fear
when remembering her indelible dreams

She the mother grasped
Frantically her last child

...Rocks... gunfire...bloodshed
 Tombs filled with children...

 She looked up to the sky
and wished to be with her children

...Then remembering her last child
Gazed desperately into the Horizon
and shouted a piercing sentence

Stop killing our children
stop killing our children

          ©Laila Yaghi 2001