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Arab rulers immediately pressured Palestinians to return body parts of dead Israeli soldiers, last week. However, they never interfered to return the corpses of Palestinians who were killed during the Jenin Massacre of April 2002, and are still buried in a secret Israeli military cemetery!!!

(Jalal Al-Rifa'i, Ad Dustour, 5/16/04).




Palestinians burying Israeli occupation Mirkava tanks in Gaza Strip last week  

(Omayya, Alhayat Aljadeda, 5/16/04).




An Arab puppet incompetent ruler, stupidly looking at the camera on May 15, 2004 as his predecessors did on May 15, 1948.

On that infamous date, Israel was established on the ruins of Palestine

(Hamed, Alittihad, 5/16/04).




An Arab bureaucrat pushing the ruler of his country to attend the Arab League summit in Tunis. Arab rulers don't want to attend because they don't know what to do.

(Mustafa Rahmeh, Alittihad, 5/16/04).



  Palestinians in Rafah becoming refugees again after demolishing their homes and living in tents

(Hamed Atta, Al-Khaleej, 5/16/04).




- What was the World doing while the Israeli occupation forces were killing and injuring Palestinians and demolishing their homes in Gaza Strip, last week?

1. Watching sports.

2. Sleeping deeply.

3. Doing some reproductive activities.

(Yousuf Abedlaki, Al-Khaleej, 5/16/04).




Israeli Peace Activists Demonstrating Against the Israeli Occupation, on Saturday: Get Out of Gaza Now

(Khalil Abu Arafeh, Alquds, 5/16/04).




56 years  of Palestinian Diaspora but Palestinian refugees never forgot their homeland

(Nasser Al-Ja'afari, Alquds, 5/16/04).




56 years of Israeli oppression of the Palestinian people

(Khaldoun Gharaybeh, 5/16/04).





(Yassin Al-Khalil, Teshreen, 5/16/04).




Earth, a planet hungry for peace


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).

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