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stavro 082003 s - Bomb rocks U.N. headquarters in Baghdad.jpg

(Stavro Jabra, 8/20/03).


(Yousuf Abedlaki, Al-Khaleej, 8/20/03).


stavro 08162003 rdl.jpg

(Stavro Jabra, 8/20/03).


(Sa'ad Hajjo, Assafir, 8/20/03).


Wealthy Arabs are happy and relaxed watching the Future TV Super Star Show. (Emad Hajjaj, Alquds Alarabi, 8/20/03). 


The police and demonstrators in Syria and Jordan happy and dancing for the Super Star Show. It's a different story in Palestine and Iraq. (Omayya, Alhayat Aljadedah, 8/20/03).


Nightmares. (Mustafa Rahmeh, Alittihad, 8/20/03).


The Reauters Palestinian journalist, Mazen Da'ana, killed in Baghdad. (Hamed Atta, Al-Khaleej, 8/20/03).


The Arab street tamed by the whip of puppet Arab rulers. (By Amjad Rasmi, Arab News, 8/20/03).


Influence of the Zionist lobby blinds the US government from seeing Israeli state terrorism. (By Khaldoun Gharaybeh, Al-Ra'i, 8/20/03). 



Earth, a planet hungry for peace


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).


The Israeli apartheid (security) wall around Palestinian population centers in the West Bank (Ran Cohen, pmc, 5/24/03).

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