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Amazone Press

P. O. Box 724, Dalton, GA 30722, USA


Amazone Press is a publishing company founded by Dr. Hassan El-Najjar, in 2001. It publishes on a partnership basis. This means that the Company and the author are partners in the costs of production and distribution of the published work.

Authors who are interested in publishing their completed works through Amazone Press may do so by sending the following materials:

1. A letter that covers the main areas of concern to your work, such as the subject, number of pages, paper size, the target audience, and major comparable works in the field.

2. A curriculum vitae / a resume.

3. An introduction to the book / work that contains a summary of chapters or sections, table of contents, and a title page.

4. A sample chapter.

All materials should be sent by mail, to the above address. No email messages should be sent to communicate with Amazone Press, during this initial stage. Materials received cannot be returned.


2001-2003 Copyright Amazone Press. All Rights Reserved.


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